Monday, February 28, 2011

Deadlifts and Double Unders

I realized today that I have been so focused on Paleo that I have been neglecting the Crossfit aspect of my blog. So for those who are just interested in the Paleo recipes this may not interest you, but for those looking to gain a little knowledge read on.

Our WOD (Workout Of the Day) today at Iron Tribe Fitness goes as follows:


Max double unders in 2 minutes
Max hand-stand push ups in 2 minutes
Max double unders in 2 minutes

For those unfamiliar with Crossfit this probably makes no sense, but essentially what it means is that I am looking to find my 3 rep max in deadlifts. That is to say, I'm trying to find the heaviest possible weight that I can deadlift three times. This is not one of my favorite exercises because I feel I have a weak back so I try to learn as much as I can about this lift in order to help my technique and keep me safe while lifting. I found this article in the Crossfit Journal and wanted to share it with all my fellow Crossfitters. Hope this newfound knowledge helps you to improve your deadlift even if only a little. Because let's face it...every pound counts with Crossfit.

As for the bottom half of the WOD, I will have to perform as many double unders (jump rope passing under my feet twice with every jump) as possible in two minutes, then as many hand-stand push ups (probably self-explanatory) in two minutes and then back to double unders for the last two minutes.

The reason this portion of the WOD excites me more than it use to is because my sweet hubby bought me an Again Faster speed jump rope for Valentine's and it has greatly improved my double under technique. They're still very difficult but with every WOD that comes along featuring double unders I know my technique will improve. I cannot say enough about how having the right jump rope can make all the difference.

So if you're an Iron Triber reading this, then good luck with the Deadlifts and Double Unders! Let's set some new PRs!!!

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